How does Smash Pit clean equipment?

Smash Pit uses disposable coveralls which are thrown away after each use. Lysol wipes or an industrial strength disinfectant are used to clean googles, face shields, chest protector and shin guards between each person.  

Why visit Smash Pit?

Smash Pit is the best smash room and guilt-free smashing is one of the best releases of stress. Smash Pit was founded by a registered nurse (RN) whose goal is to support and promote overall wellness. It is also great work out!

Can I bring my own stuff to smash?

Unfortunately, we do not allow you to bring your own items.  But we provide some amazing things to smash! From cups, bowls and plates to printers and keyboards we got you covered. 

What should I wear to Smash Pit?

Closed foot shoes are required to participate. You will receive overalls to go over your clothes but we recommend long pants and comfortable top.  

Can we book for a group >5 people?

Yes. For groups >5 people you must book a private event. Private events require a minimum 2 hour venue booking and incur a fee. Let us put together a quote for you for your next birthday party, team building or coporate event.  Call 571 210 5030 for more details.  

Can we have food and drinks for a group private event?

Yes.  We offer a BYOB packages for groups >5. Call 571 210 5030 for more details.  

What is the minimum age to participate?

At least 14 years old and a parent must sign the waiver. If a parent will not be present during smashing, download the waiver, complete it (include your license number) and have your child bring it with her or him.