About Us


Smash Our Stuff Not Yours!

Life can be messy and difficult. Feeling stressed and frustrated is a natural experience.  

Smash Pit was founded by a registered nurse (R.N.) to offer people an alternative approach to relieving stress and support overall wellness.  Smash Pit is a fun, heart pumping, exciting and entertaining approach to vanquishing your stress.  We provide: mock room setups where you can destroy objects.   You will sweat and laugh! 

Smash Pit is perfect for birthday parties, ladies night out, date night, team building, 

corporate events or just because!  


What you Get?

Set time in a Smash Room

Specified number of items to smash

Face Shield*



Heavy Duty Gloves*

Choice of smashing tool

*Required item  



Ages 14+ may participate*

Wear closed foot shoes

Complete and sign waiver at check in

*14 - 17 years old  must be accompanied by parent and parent must complete waiver during check in.

If 18+ ID required.