SP 411


Yes that's right. Wanna smash  and bash a Tesla Model S? The premier luxury electric car? Take it out bat by sledgehammer by bat?  We have a Tesla Model S to smash and NO JOKE we will be  selling tickets for a Tesla Smash Party taking place in  May 2020.  Stay Tuned for details. 

Second Location on the Horizon!

Yes Smashers a second location is in the works. Details will be coming soon!

Smash Pit Membership!

Coming Soon - Membership options for Smash Pit. As a member of Smash Pit you will get access to smash with or without pre-booking,  extra or special items to smash,  15% discount for family, 10% discount on private events and invitation to sponsored events.  

Upcoming Events

What, Who and Why of Smash Pit?:  Not sure what you are getting into! Want to know more about our us? Each Saturday (starting February 1st ) 11:45am - 12:10pm we do a brief tour and answer questions.  We may even let you take a picture with a sledgehammer! 


Smash Pit accepts donations of household itmes such as: dishes, glasses, vases, picture frames, printers, monitors, dvd/cd players, computers, wooden items and small chairs or small tables. We do not accept large furniture. Call or email us about delivery  days and times.